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The Cut Throat Razors 11-piece band Glasgow Scotland ska funk soul blues

Press reviews of 'Motown's Lost Its Soul'...

"An awfully entertaining EP from an equally entertaining entourage that provide us with a spiffing collection of four tunes formed from a strong blend of soul, blues and a little hint of jazz"... Jason Small, Local Music Scene (to read full review click here).

"She's My Baby... is a groovy tune no self-respecting Mod or Modette would pass up the chance of sashaying to on the dance floor. Great horns and Sixties vibe that'll see The Cut Throat Razors fans bouncing at gigs"... Mike Lindley, Ralph's Life (for full review click here).

"One of the best bands I've discovered this year... the eponymous "Motown's Lost Its Soul", a swaggering bold declaration that could get even the most miserable of people dancing on a rainy day... Gabriel Rutherford, The Indiependent (for full review click here).

"...the outstanding Losing My Mind, a perky, unusual blend of ska and psychedelia that is so good it makes you wonder why more bands aren't ploughing this furrow...Motown's Lost Its Soul is a funky slice of Northern Soul. It's viagra for the feet that could get the most uptight wallflower strutting their stuff on the dance floor." ... The Devil Has The Best Tuna (for full review click here).

"It is remarkable how, despite being an eleven piece band, the personality of each instrumentalist comes through at different stages and that says a lot about the song writing." ... Roland Monger, Listen with Monger (for full review click here).

“Beautiful Day”...will surely have you hankering for the longer nights and warmer days of summer. The energy of the chorus, plus the upbeat melody makes for a totally joyous listening experience; one which could only be bettered by seeing the band perform this track live"... Kimberley Manderson, Gutter Magazine (for full review click here).

" slice of classic soul and funk, reminiscent of the deeper, more political tracks of the ’70’s, but still fresh and full of life"... David McElroy, Scottish Fiction (for full review click here).

"Four cool slices of Pop-Ska with a soulful underbelly...Losing my mind is a full on foot stomping floor-filler, with a killer bass line"... Rocking Magpie (for full review click here).

"The song (Motowns Lost It's Soul) is a total crowd pleaser with great vocals and a rhythm that can appeal to the young and old, a real winner"... Sinead Hunt, Pure M Magazine (for full review click here).

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