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The Cut Throat Razors - Love, Libation and Liberation


The Cut Throat Razors 11-piece band Glasgow Scotland ska funk soul blues

The Cut Throat Razors - Music

Live & In Stereo (2013)

The Cut Throat Razors - Live and In Stereo

  1. Batman's Skantz / Lady Lemon's Lingerie
  2. Don't Be A Saint
  3. Mr. Bond
  4. I'll Stand Alone
  5. The Ghost of Garnethill
  6. Black Ties In Paisley
  7. The Road/Exodus/I Like It A Lot
  8. In Love With Your Lover
  9. Jessica Rose
  10. Freedom
  11. You Know When You Know
  12. Dr. Gelati & The Lemon Garden


Dr. Gelati & The Lemon Garden (2012)

The Cut Throat Razors - Dr. Gelati & the Lemon Garden

  1. Dr. Gelati & The Lemon Garden (Explicit)
  2. Lady Lemon's Lingerie
  3. Freedom
  4. Jessica Rose
  5. Mr. Bond
  6. I'l Stand Alone
  7. Batman's Skantz (Explicit)
  8. In Love with Your Lover
  9. Waiting Just for You
  10. Life Goes On (Explicit)
  11. I Like it a Lot
  12. You Know When You Know